At the age of eight I knew all the lines of Return of the Jedi by heart. I have always been fascinated by technology, the future, the bigger picture.

After graduating from university I started my career in the tech industry, working for a motherboard manufacturer and then managing the $100 million/year monitor division (CRT monitors the size small cars) for the 3rd largest distributor of computer components and peripherals in the world.

In 2001 I started my first business, launching tech products in new markets, building sales channels and providing marketing support. Latterly I have made a natural migration toward digital solutions and now deliver consultancy through my company OSPGI Consulting. Most recently, I have come back to the bigger picture of technological development and I write about these themes on my blog and social channels.

Away from business, I am on the board of Kadikoy Rugby Club in Istanbul and I coached and built the women’s section into one of the best teams in the country. I am also currently training to compete in the Marathon De Sable in 2021 and I am documenting this over on Snapchat.

Anticipating Singularity at a fancy dress competition in 1981. I won.


Future-proofed business and marketing consulting for positive corporate change. My day job is building a consultancy firm.

We create the ideas and opportunities that allow our clients to better communicate their story and grow their business. Then we deliver the talent and teams to make those ideas a reality through marketing, technology and automation solutions.

The digital division of the business provides digital marketing strategy, creative and outsourced media management; packaged as a service to grow with the client, save them money and time.


I make seed investments, mentor and provide business development services for equity in early stage tech and e-commerce startups that have come to my attention through the consulting business.

To expand my investment activities, I have created Bridge Investments, a venture capital business to leverage my dual-location in Cambridge and Istanbul, thriving regional hubs for tech startups. Bridge is currently raising its first investment fund which is scheduled to close in early 2020.

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With 20 years experience – good and bad – of starting and running businesses I can shorten learning curves, help new founders avoid pitfalls as they grow their company and speed up business development.

Areas where I can be particularly effective include branding, identity, marketing strategy, product development, sales channels and routes to market, strategic partnerships and investment strategy.

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I offer a number of fun, engaging and provocative speaking presentations that explore the direction technological advances will take humanity and the potential effects on society.

Sectors covered include Energy, Education, Finance & Commerce, Food & Resources, Government, Space, Healthcare, Transportation & Environment using information, ideas and content researched for my writing.

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I divide my time between Cambridge and Istanbul.

The easiest way to get in touch with me is through my social media channels. You can reach out via Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. If you prefer email use the button below.

If you need to write then the address is c/o Moore Thompson Chartered Accountants. Bank Chambers, 27A Market Place, Peterborough, PE6 8EA, United Kingdom.